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Our Music programs are top notch, and you'll be amazed at the growth your child experiences when they are able to learn and practice their skills in the classroom DAILY instead of weekly!  Most students rent or purchase their own instruments for convenience, but we also have instruments that we lend, so don't let anything hold you back from taking the opportunity to learn a life-long skill of reading music, learning about chords, keys and theory, and producing some fabulous tones!

Our Choir program is filled every year, and offers student the chance to perform, but also to improve their skills with breathing techniques, reading music, singing in harmonies, and more!  

Beginning band is for the first time music student. No experience required!

Intermediate band is for the student that has had elementary experience in band, or one year of middle school experience only.  If you are a current 6th grader with experience, or a 7th grader that took beginning band in 7th grade, Intermediate band is for you!

Advanced band is an 8th grade class for students who took Intermediate band in 7th grade.  However, if you have also had private lessons and have a higher level of skills, you can contact Mr. Betts for information and permission to enroll in the Advanced class.

Jazz Band is for select students as an additional elective, and is taken in conjunction with Advanced band.  Our most skilled students will enjoy the challenge and the amazing experience of Jazz band.  If you play guitar or piano, which we do not offer exclusively, there may be a position in Jazz band just for you!
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