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What is a tardy?

A tardy takes place when a student is either late to class or late sitting in his/her seat.

How do I excuse a tardy?

Tardies for arriving to campus late can only be exused by the Attendance Clerk and/or Student Advisor. Excuses for morning tardies are limited, such as doctor's appointments. Regularly heavy traffic and broken alarm clocks are not considered excuses for a tardy. Parents/guardians cannot excuse tardies to periods 2-7, as the student is already on campus.

What are the consequences for tardies?

- Morning Tardy, Arriving late to campus (in order): Two warnings each quarter, followed by progressive discipline (Page P of Student Planner)

- Tardies after already being on campus (in order): 1 warning, followed by progressive discipline (Page P of Student Planner)

*The progressive discipline steps start over each new quarter (except those students who are on an Attendance Contract)

**Discipline-at-a-Glance. Our NIS Citation Monitoring chart will show your child's current discipline, and is on Page P in the Planner

Whom do I contact if I have a question about a tardy?

If the tardy took place during first period, please contact the Student Advisor. If the tardy took place during periods 2-7, please contact the teacher who issued the tardy.

How do tardies affect my child in the long run?

Because attendance is critical for a child's learning, and arriving late not only interrupts his/her learning, but also the the class's learning, the district and school has implemented very stringent rules and consequences. Infrequent tardies only result in discplinary action (see above); however, frequent violators will result in possible escalation to the district office and even the District Attorney's office in extreme cases.

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