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Physical Education

Physical education will create an environment that will engage all students in a positive learning atmosphere. A fair and respectful climate will be established to promote social development and group responsibility. Students will develop the skills and strategic knowledge needed to participate in lifelong activities that will promote health through enjoyable behavior and an understanding of how to care for their health through positive habits. Students will be expected to exhibit appropriate behavior and use instructional time effectively.



Medical Limitations

All students are expected to participate to the fullest of their capability unless a doctor's note has been submitted to the office with the following information (Download this FORM to have a doctor to complete and return to the Main Office):

  • Date the student BEGINS medically limited P.E. activities
  • Date the student ENDS medically limited P.E. activities
  • What the injury or medical condition consists of
  • SPECIFIC P.E. LIMITATIONS the student is limited to (Example: A student with a broken finger may be limited to throwing/catching a ball as well as any other activity that requires use of that particular hand.)

RESUMING ACTIVITIES: Remember, all students on medical restrictrictions may not resume unlimited participation until a medical doctor has issued a release or has an end date included on the medical doctor's note (please drop off in the Main Office or fax to 951-736-3208).

MAKE-UP WORK: All students are expected to complete make-up assignments for each day the student is not able to fully participate. Please see individual teachers for their individual required assignments.

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