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Dress Code

Norco Intermediate enforces all guidelines established by the CNUSD Board of Education. To encourage an optimum learning environment and promote safety for all Bobcat students, the following items of clothing are considered inappropriate/unacceptable for school attire:

  • Strapless, halter tops, tube tops or spaghetti straps

  • Bare midriffs (no skin showing). No crop tops please!  This includes no skin visible through sheer materials.

  • Undergarments showing (including underwear, bra straps and bandeau bras)
    Undergarments and bare midriffs that are in view through overly sheer clothing will be considered in violation of CNUSD Dress Policy

  • Short-shorts
    (NIS Administrative interpretation of “short-shorts” will be those that have an inseam of less than approximately 3 inches, with approximation based on the overall look and absence of “good taste”, as stated in CNUSD Dress Policy. Keep in mind that shorts that measure 3 inches may not offer 3 inches of coverage while being worn, as fabrics crease and fold (denim, linen, etc.)

  • Emblems, lettering or pictures pertaining to drugs, alcohol, sex, profanity, gangs, taggers or party crews

  • Chains or weapons (chains such as those attached to belts or wallets present a safety hazard)

  • Not wearing a shirt

  • Lack of undergarments

  • Shirts, tops or sweaters unbuttoned below the sternum

  • Bathing suits

  • Unsafe jewelry or unsafe clothing

  • Hats, visors of any kind, or sunglasses inside classrooms or office areas*
    Due to identification purposes and safety, hats and sunglasses are only allowed during PE for sun protection. In addition, beanies or hoods (up on head) are not to be worn on campus. If items are out of the backpack and visible, we assume use and items will be held in office.

  • Headphones and earbuds pose a safety hazard when in use. If visible, we will assume use and confiscate for parent pick up.  BlueTooth speakers are also an unnecessary electronic device that will be confiscated and held for parent pick up.  Students are reminded that their cell phones are considered "personal communication devices" for individual use (not sharing) and communication (text and phone) when out of our classrooms.  It is not to be used as a photography, videography, media playing device on campus.

    Dress code violations result in the issuance of a citation and replacement garments*. See Citation Monitor chart at back of planner for progressive discipline.

    *In accordance with keeping our students compliant with CNUSD Dress Policy, NIS will provide replacement garments (red shorts or numbered shirts) to students who violate CNUSD Dress Policy. Replacement garments are given to put the student in compliance with dress code. Students will be allowed to call home and request replacement garments, but will still receive a citation for the violation regardless of how the student comes into compliance. If a parent is not immediately available to provide replacement garments, the student will wear the school issued replacement in order to continue to receive their education in the classroom.

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