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Using ONLY your phone for Remote Learning

Using ONLY your phone for Remote Learning
Posted on 07/21/2020
Using ONLY your phone for Remote LearningIs it really going to possible to participate in Remote Learning with only a phone? We say it is VERY possible!

By now, you've probably downloaded the Zoom app (like every person in the world!) so you know that if a teacher runs a Zoom learning opportunity or has office hours where you can visit and ask questions on Zoom, you're in!

But you can also download the Google Classroom app and stay logged in with your school ID through MyCNUSD and have your Google classrooms available in the palm of you hand.

Download Google Drive too, just to be able to see all your saved assignments at your fingertips.

The Pages app (preloaded on iPhone) can be the ONLY app you need to create essays, journal entries and more!  You can add pictures, graphs, and SHARE documents directly to a google classroom, attached to a specific assignment...after that, you're just one click away from turning it in!

Finally, you can also complete assignments DIRECTLY in Google Classroom!  That's right...just click on the assignment link, and when it pops up looking like a document, the pen at the top allows for editing, and the pen at the bottom allows for color and pen size choice.  SAVE the document when done, and you will see it at the bottom of the screen each time you go to that assignment under "Your Work"!!  Again, you're just one click away from turning it in when  you're ready.  Just rememeber to navigate and zoom in and out on the document with TWO fingers, so you don't accidentally draw on it in random places!  

Click HERE for a ONE PAGE sheet on all the ways to use your phone for EMAIL, Google and MORE!
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