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EL Program

The English Learner ("EL") Department provides specified instruction and support to students who are learning English as a second language.

  • EL - English Learner

  • ELL - English Language Learner

  • ESL - English as a Second Language

  • ELD - English Language Development

How does a student get enrolled in this program?
Parents complete a Language Survey upon entering our district (enclosed in the registration packet), which consists of four questions that ask about the student's preferred language in given scenarios. Should the parent indicate that the student speaks another language other than English, the student is then asked to take a language assessment to accurately determine how fluent the student speaks, reads, writes, and listens to English. Based on the results of this exam, the student is then determined whether he/she is enrolled in the EL program or not.

How does a student get out of the program?
In order for a student exit the program (otherwise known as "redesignating"), the student must accomplish all of the following:




What is it?

The annual test that measures how well a student speaks, reads, writes, and listen and understands English (administered in October of each school-year).

The annual state exam that all students take in the spring.

Minimum requirements to exit the program

Listening - minimum "3" or better
Speaking - minimum "3" or better

Reading - minimum "3" or better

Writing - minimum a "3" or better

Overall - minimum "4" or better

Minimum "C" or better in all classes

Language Arts - Score of 3 or 4

Math - Score of 3 or 4

What type of extra services are provided to EL students?

  • In addition to the traditional EL support, such as ELD and Sheltered classes, students meet regularly with either the EL Coordinator or Student Advisor to check on their grades and to provide a one-on-one interaction to find any areas of concern to better help the student with.

  • After-school tutoring may be available in specific subject areas.  iReady intervention on-line is available in our computer labs, and can be accessed AT HOME through the Student MyCNUSD Portal.

  • Regular ELAC meeting with parents where updates and information are provided to the parents to ensure they are provided with the tools necessary to better assist their student at home.

More information about the ELPAC:
The ELPAC is a state exam that is administered to the students once per year. It provides five scores - four in the specific areas (such as Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) and one Overall score. The scores range from 1 (Beginner) to 5 (Proficient). Students are expected to progress one level each year.

English Learner
EL Coordinator: LaRonda Logan
Student Advisor: Michael Carlin - [email protected]

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