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What happens if my child has too many absences?

Will anything happen to my child if he/she misses too much school?

Just as employees have a set number of sick days, so too, do students. Ideally, students should not miss more than 3 school days in any given school-year. Should a student exceed 10 days, the Student Advisor will contact the guardian/parent to schedule an appointment to discuss the reasons for the student's excessive absences and to provide possible intervention procedures to help the problem from occurring again. In addition, once a student goes over 10 absences (excused or unexcused), he becomes ineligible for school activities and ends up on the "No-Go List". Students can attend Saturday Schools to make up absences. 

In some cases, students are placed on Attendance Contracts, which is a written agreement between the student, parents, and administrator for attendance goals set forth at the time of the appointment. Should the contract be violated, it could results in possible escalation to the district office and District Attorney's office for further review and possible prosecution.

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