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8th Grade Course Selection

 2024-25 8th Grade Course Selection

There are special instructions for students with an IEP, students waiting for LATE transfer approval, or brand new students to CNUSD in the highlighted section below.  Students meeting this criteria will complete ALL course selections via Google Form instead of Student Connect. 

How to Submit Course Requests
For detailed, step by step video instructions, click HERE.

1. View the Course Offerings for a description of classes.
2. Print out the Course Selection Worksheet and mark your choices. 
3. Log in to Student Connect  Only select courses from the Worksheet linked above.
4. View and follow instructions for 
How to Select Classes on Student Connect.
5. Use your printed Course Selection Worksheet to guide your choices on Student Connect.
6. Select your Electives using this Google Form. For a peek at some of the electives we have to offer, please check out the brief video below.

Below is a list of our most recent electives to help you choose!

Elective Course Descriptions

The video below highlights some of our electives. Some mentioned in the video are no longer available. Please view elective course descriptions (linked above) for the most up to date electives available.

If you want to be a TA, teachers will have limited applications to hand out to interested students. To be an Office TA, visit or email Mrs. Juniper [email protected]  If your application is accepted, TA will take the place of Success or another elective if you do not have Success.    

If you are interested in AVID, you can find more information and apply in our AVID Google Classroom using the class code: uwvcb2u   

For information about ASB, click HERE. 

A quick tip- You'll want to pay close attention to the Course Selection Worksheet because all courses will be visible in Student Connect, including 7th grade courses, and different versions of the same class. The suffixes ESSN, BASIC, SHLT, and II indicate courses designed for students with an IEP.  To make the right selection, it will be important to note the 
course number on the Course Selection Worksheet and make sure it matches the course number you see in Student Connect.

Of course, we are here to help you! Email our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Juniper [email protected] with any questions you might have. We can usually get back to you pretty quickly.   

If your child will be attending Norco Intermediate on a LATE transfer or is BRAND NEW to CNUSD, there is a likelihood that Student Connect will not allow you to choose courses. If your child has an IEP, the IEP will inform us which core classes to select. Instead of using Student Connect, please make your selections HERE.

Again, please reach out to Mrs. Juniper with any questions you might have.  We look forward to seeing our Bobcats again in August!

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