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Curriculum Test

Intermediate School

Physical Education


Name______________________________________  Date__________  Period__________


Directions:  Use the Physical Education Curriculum paper and class discussion to answer the following questions.

After you have answered all the questions, have your parent and yourself sign the bottom and return this worksheet to your P.E. Teacher.


  1. Print exactly how your name should appear on your P.E. clothes ______________________
  2. P.E. Clothes should be taken home for washing on ____________ and returned on________
  3. You can make up your points for being absent by either __________ after school or doing a _______________ assignment.
  4. If you are a Non-Suit or you are not wearing the complete P.E. uniform, what will you do when the shower bell rings? ______________________________________
  5. What kind of shoes must you wear for P.E. ? ____________________________________
  6. Name 5 or more items you never bring into the locker room. _________________________________________________________________________
  7. Who is responsible for your personal items ? _____________________________________
  8. List 2 reasons for not giving out your combination or sharing your locker. _________________________________________________________________________



  1. List 2 reasons why jewelry is not to be worn during your P.E. Class.  _________________________________________________________________________
  2. If you lose or break your P.E. lock you must pay  ___________ in order to get another one.
  3. A medical excuse from a parent is good for ______ days.
  4. A medical excuse longer than 3 days must come from a  ________________.
  5. When the tardy bell rings at the beginning of class, you must be inside the _____________
  6. If I have any questions about my class, I should talk to my _________________________
  7. Your name is the only writing allowed on your P.E. clothes   Yes or No
  8.  What grade percentage do you need to earn an A in your P.E. class?  _____% or higher.

Verification of Parent and Student receiving and reading the Curriculum materials of Norco Intermediate School Physical Education Dept.


_______________________________________ and _____________________________________

Parent/Guardian                                                                      Student


I have read the pages of the Norco Intermediate School Physical Education Dept.  Having read the pages, as a student of Norco Intermediate I will follow the rules they contain, as well as all class, school and district rules and policies.  Students will keep a copy of the handouts in their notebooks.  Parents may receive an additional copy at Back to school night or upon request.  All P.E. Information is available online, on the NIS website, on the Physical Education page.


Thank you for your help and support.

Norco Intermediate School   Physical Education Dept.                                                                            


Period _________________


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