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C.A.T.S. Expectations & Plan




Students at NIS will:

  • Show Respect to self and others, campus and community.
  • Show Responsibility through preparation and production.
  • Act with the other members of the school-community in mind.
  • Act with Safety as a first priority.

Common Areas




P.E. Facilities

To and From School


Communicate Respectfully


sAppropriate language that leaves all who hear you feeling respected.


sAppropriate tone and volume.


sShow active listening and thoughtful responses.

sBe polite and do not interrupt.

sAsk clarifying questions as necessary, at the appropriate time.

sAppropriate language that leaves all who hear you feeling respected.

sShow good sportsmanship to all learners and all teams.

sBe encouraging.

sAppropriate language that leaves all who hear you feeling respected.

sRespond appropriately to concerns of community members.


Act Responsibly

sListen to/follow directives of staff.

sThrow away trash.

sGet to where you are going promptly.

sShow good conduct during school activities.


sComplete all assignments to the best of your ability.

sUse time wisely.

sUse planner.

sTake initiative – go beyond what’s asked.

sBe on time to locker room and field/court areas.

sFollow directions.

sWear uniform.

sLock all items in your own locker.

sArrive on time.


sBe considerate of others property.


sKeep hands/feet/

objects to yourself.


Team Mentality

sAsk and offer help as needed.

sBe courteous to others personal space and belongings.

sLeave areas better than they were before.

sSeek to solve issues

sShow active participation.

sShow patience toward others.

sRespect personal boundaries.

sBe considerate of learning.


sAllow others their personal space and privacy.

sDemonstrate understanding for all levels of performance.

sDemonstrate good hygiene.

sRepresent your school and self responsibly.


sWatch out for others in the community.


Safety First



sKeep hands/feet/objects to yourself.

sReport safety concerns.

sWatch where you are walking, to the right of hallways.

sUse materials appropriately

sFollow directions for drills calmly

sAsk for permission to leave, and use passes.

sDemonstrate self-control.

sUse equipment properly.

sFollow game rules and safety concerns for the sport.

sFollow laws, using crosswalks and sidewalks.


sFollow bicycle safety laws.


sBe aware of surroundings.

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