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These are given for Tardy, Dress Code, Electronic Device, and No Planner violations. Why a citation?  Because these are expectations and rules that can easily be followed without any interaction with another student, and therefore are personal choices to correct easily with no interference or question.  Tardy citations have several warnings attached, so if you know that you are having difficulty getting your child to school on-time, please check the Citation page in your student's planner to see how many warnings have already been issued.

When a citation is earned, the staff member will electronically submit it to the Student Advisor. Each week, students who have earned a citation are summoned by a staff member who notes it on the Citation Page of their planners. The discipline will depend on the offense and how many times the student has violated that expectation. It is the student’s responsibility to get each citation signed by a parent. That's our way of knowing that the student communicated the citation to the parent. Failing to do so will result in a lunch detention.

Please refer to your Student Planner for Citation Monitoring (final school page before calendar pages.)

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