7th Grade World History Extra Credit
Extra Credit

                          Extra Credit!!!

In my class I offer a few Extra Credit assignments. These assignments are not required, but may be done to earn some extra points. Any assignment may be done at any time during the year. However, you may only do each assignment once for extra credit points.

Extra Credit can have a maximum of a 5% increase in your grade per semester. If you earn 100 points, you will reach the full 5% increase. Most assignments are 5-10 points.


Due to the limited amount of class time, I am unable to show many films that do a good job capturing conflicts, life, and events in history. Since history is not always pleasant, most of these films have violence, and some harsh imagery. Please feel free to look up information about the film to be sure that you feel comfortable watching it, and that it is deemed appropriate by your parents. If you are interested in watching one of these films, be sure to ask for permission from your parents. A PARENT SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED ON YOUR WRITE UP IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CREDIT!  The signature indicates that your parent was aware of what you watched, and granted permission for you to do so.

In order to receive extra credit points, watch one of the films below and write a 100+ word summary of the film. I have seen each of these films and know them well. Be sure to include specific examples and thoughts that clearly show that you saw the film. YOUR SUMMARY MUST BE TYPED AND MUST HAVE A PARENT SIGNATURE ON IT!

Below is the list of movies you may watch for extra credit. Click on the movie to be taken to IMDB for previews, pictures, reviews, and more details about each movie.

The Lion King

The Emperor's New Groove

The Road to El Dorado


You may wish to view another movie that is related to our class. Please check with me first, but, with so much history, there are a lot more possibilities than what I listed here!

Field Trips-

"Travel makes you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller." Ibn Battuta

Sometimes we get opportunities to see amazing historical places on our vacations, or when we visit friends and family. If you go somewhere that meets this description (a museum, a play, or a historical site) take a picture of yourself there, and/or bring a copy of the ticket or program. If you are unsure if where you went counts as a "historical place," feel free to e-mail me, or ask me in person, and I will let you know!

After you go on your outing,  complete a 100+ word write up that explains what the experience was and how it relates to our class.

Many historical places are all around us, inexpensive, or even free! For example, there are museums and even Native American sites that are amazing, right here in Southern California! If you attend, be sure to save any tickets and take a picture. 


There are many books and collections of essays written about the people and events covered in class. If you are interested, read a book about one of the people or events from our class. Since there are so many, please let me know what you are thinking of reading so I can verify that it is appropriate, accurate, and at the correct level for our class. The book size and complexity will determine the total number of Extra Credit points you may earn. As with all of the Extra Credit assignments, be sure that your parents approve of what you are considering as well. 

Once you have read the the book, complete a 100+ word write up that explains your thoughts on the book. You may want to write about how the book relates to what we have learned in class, or how it affected people in the area we have learned about.


I have been honored to see many of you perform in choir and band. You have amazing talent! Mr. Betts will often use historical music in band and choir for instruction. A great way to earn extra credit is to play or sing historical songs with your friends. I know you may be embarrassed to play in person (Don't be- you are talented!), so feel free to record your "performance" and e-mail it to me. I appreciate the work you do with your music, I too played in a band at your age, and know it is not easy! If you need help finding good songs that relate to the class, ask Mr. Betts for some ideas! He may even be able to provide you with the music.

Once you have selected your music, complete a 100+ word write up that explains how the music relates to the class. You may want to write about the history of the time period, or the history of the song, or how it affected people in the area we have learned about.