Mr. Martin's Biography

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Mr. Martin's Biography

B.A.- History, California State University, Fullerton

M..A.- Teaching, Specialization in Teaching and Learning, National University

Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Chapman University

Authorized Subjects: History, Introductory Social Science, General Subjects (Examination)

The Inland Empire Council For Social Studies History Social-Science Educator of Excellence Award Recipient 2010

Teacher of the Year, Norco Intermediate, 2014-2015 

              My Grandpa- Teacher, Principal, Grandfather, Veteran       My Mom- Teacher, Mother, and Leader
I was born in Torrance, California… sometime ago.  I was raised with “teaching in my blood.”  My mother is a teacher, and my grandfather was a teacher and principal. My family moved to Garden Grove, California when I was 4 years old.  My older brother, sister, and I attended Gilbert Elementary School. The school was located directly across from my house, allowing my mom to see me from the house when I got sent outside! (Nobody's perfect-even future teachers!)  It also allowed teachers to come visit the house to discuss my progress in school.   

After that I went on to Alamitos Intermediate where I played the drums and trumpet for the school’s marching band.  The drum core won trophies for our performance in local parades.   I then went onto Rancho Alamitos High School where I played basketball and volleyball.  It was in high school that I became interested in history.  My high school history teacher, Mr. Hamilton sparked an interest that never went away.  Upon graduating in 1993, I went to college, completing my degree in History at Cal-State Fullerton.  

I got married, and began as a substitute teacher in Jurupa Unified School District in 1997. After half a year of substitute work, I accepted a position at Peralta Elementary School. The first two years of my professional career were spent teaching a Special Day Class.  After that I taught primarily 5th grade, with one year being a 4-5 combo, and another a 5-6 combo.  After six years at Peralta, I accepted a position at Home Gardens Elementary in the Corona-Norco Unified School District. My first year was spent teaching a 4-5 combo.  After that, the next two were spent teaching 4th grade. My final year at Home Gardens was spent teaching 6th grade.  During this time I went back to school and completed my Master of Arts Degree in Teaching and Learning.  After four years at Home Gardens, I moved to Rosa Parks Elementary, accepting a 6th grade position.  I taught 6th grade all six years I was at Rosa Parks Elementary. 

I began teaching at Norco Intermediate in 2013. I won Teacher of the Year, representing Norco Intermediate for 2014-2015. The first five years I taught at Norco, I was a 7th Grade, World History teacher. After that, I began teaching 8th Grade, United States History. United States History is my favorite area of History to study and teach (although World History is a very close second)! The 2023-2024 school year will be my 27th year teaching. I have three children, one of whom goes to school in the Corona-Norco Unified School District. My oldest and middle child graduated from CNUSD and are now working towards their degrees in college. My wife also works for CNUSD as a Speech and Language Pathologist.