Classroom Wish List

Thank you for your support!

Every year I am asked what items may be donated to the classroom. I am always amazed by the kindness and generosity shown to our school. While nothing is required, I have made a list of helpful items that would be used and appreciated the most.

Classroom Wish List

Hand Sanitizer- Extra sanitizer will definitely be used!

Clorox Wipes- The school will be well sanitized! Extra wipes will be used as needed for quick cleanings.

Post-it notes-
Regular 3x3 inch Post-it notes are used a lot in my classroom. 

Colored Pencils- I have some sets in the classroom, but since pictures and projects are done using colored pencils, we use them up fairly quickly. Extra sets for students that do not have their own, would be appreciated! 30-40 students in 6 classes equals a lot of used colored pencils!!!

Copy paper- We do not have consumable workbooks in the classroom, so everything must be copied. This uses a great deal of paper. With around 150-200 students, one assignment that is two pages long can use up one whole ream of paper! Any paper donations would be put to good use!

Blue or Black ball point pens- Multiple colors of pens are used for scoring, note taking, and assignment creation. Many students do not have pens with them, and extras are always needed!

Pencils- Students are supposed to bring pencils with them, but sometimes they are forgotten, or lost in transit. Again, extras are always appreciated.

Highlighters- Students are expected to highlight their notes in class. Some students do not bring highlighters with them. Extras for student use would be appreciated!

Air freshener- Basic spray air freshener helps the room smell inviting and fresh on hot days!

Coffee- Just kidding! (Unless you have extra k-cups!)