8th Grade U.S. History Honors
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Welcome to the Honors page!

Honors students have different requirements for the class, and are expected to perform at an elevated level. These expectations are laid out in the Honors contract (located below).
Chapter Assignments- Each chapter has an assignment that allows analysis, creativity, and a chance to go deeper on what is covered in class. There will be a total of twenty (20) assignments for the year. Chapters vary in length, but students can expect to have one to two weeks to complete the assignment. These assignments make up 15% of the total grade! Links to the assignments are located in the menu if you would like to see what we will be doing. They also may be printed out if they get misplaced!

Unit Projects- Each Honors student has a project for each unit we cover in our textbook. There will be a total of six (6) projects for the year. Depending on the length of the unit, students will have weeks to complete some projects, and months to complete others. You can also see some examples of projects that students, here, at Norco Intermediate, have completed, by looking in the Photo Gallery on the left. Hopefully these awesome examples will help inspire you to create amazing projects that showcase your Honors abilities and efforts! Links to the projects are located in the menu if you would like to see what we will be doing. They also may be printed out if they get misplaced!

Honors Contract and Expectations

1. Student recognizes that participation in Honors requires him/her to:

  • a. Demonstrate increased student independence
  • b. Take on a higher degree of responsibility
  • c. Come to class prepared, focused, and ready to be productive
  • d. Meet higher expectations than students in non-honors classes to earn the same grade
  • e. Engage in higher levels of critical thinking on assessments, projects, and basic course work
  • f. Be willing to spend additional time on homework as needed, depending on the complexity of the task. Time management is key.
  • g. Complete different tasks that exhibit a deeper understanding of material taught in class. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, projects and participation in District competitions such as Math Field Day, National History Day, or the Science Fair. These tasks are unique to honors students and may require research and meetings outside of school hours.

2. Students must uphold Academic Honesty by refraining from any academic misconduct.

3. Student commits to completing all required work on time and to a high quality standard. Work will be completed and turned in per teachers’ policies and procedures.

4. Student understands that by enrolling in Honors, he/she is expected to maintain a grade of C or higher each quarter in each Honors class. Overall GPA is expected to be above 3.0 each quarter. Failure to do so will result in a schedule change to a non-Honors class.

Click here for a Hard Copy of the Honors Contract.