Go Bobcats!
Wish List / Classroom Needs

Listed below are a few items that our classrooms could use.  Some items need to be replaced throughout the year, while others are needed periodically, or just one time.
Check back for updates. Each class has over 30 students and any donations to the class are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your continued support!
It would be extremely helpful if each child comes to school with lined paper, pencils, and a binder for use every day.

One time needs-
- Electric pencil sharpener(s)- The class wears these out annually.  Xacto, plug in sharpeners, or iPoint are very durable.
Ongoing Needs-
-Printer paper-  Plain white printer paper- always needed! Colored paper would be wonderful as well.
-Mead - 3 Subject, College ruled, Spiral Bound Notebooks (SNB)
-Dry erase markers
-Tissue- We go through a lot of this...especially during the winter! You don't want to know....
-Colored Pencils Always in need of more....
-Pens- Black, red, blue, or green
-Black sharpies
-Glue sticks & bottles of glue
- Clorox wipes- We need these to wipe down desks after projects, and when the class starts to get too dirty.  These kill germs and help cut down on colds in the classroom!
-Hand Sanitizer- Any sizes and quantities. This really helps cut down on the spread of germs as well.
- Starbucks / COFFEE!!! - (Just Kidding- unless you have any extra!)
How You brewin'?