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This page is designed to give you access to other resources that may assist you in 7th grade History, and beyond. Please explore these links and use them to get further into our curriculum, and touch on areas in more detail. Please let me know of any dead links, and any new resources you may find. Enjoy! 
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The Roman Empire   

The links below provide information on the Roman Empire.

Activity (Learning Latin): “Beginners’ Latin.” The National Archives

Article: “The Roman Empire in the First Century.” PBS

Article: “Gladiators: Heroes of the Roman Amphitheatre.” BBC

Activity (Roman Numerals): “Learn Roman Numerals.”

Photos: “Roman Architecture, Engineering, and Art.” EyeconArt
Ancient Rome and Religion
The Romans
Ancient Rome
Timeline of Ancient Rome
Pictorial tour of Ancient Rome
A good outline for the Byzantine Empire giving the main points and personalities.

Medieval  Europe 
The Links below provide information on Medieval Europe.

Vide “Braveheart Attacks Lockleven Castle.” The History Channel (2:32)

Research Website: “The Middle Ages: Feudalism.” Western Reserve Public Media

Research Website: “The Middle Ages: The Black Death.” Boise State, History of Western Civ.

Research Website: “The Hundred Years’ War.”

Virtual Tour: “Warwick Castle.”
Learn what it was really like to live in the Middle Ages. Read about feudal life, religion, clothing, entertainment, and more during the middle ages.
Travel on a Virtual Field Trip to discover information on The Dark Ages of Medieval Europe. Through this unique WebQuest, the tour focuses on medieval times, medieval battles, castles, tournaments, medieval life, medieval architecture, and the Middle Ages in general.
Information about life in the Middle Ages and important people of the middle ages.
Provides a brief description of trade in the Middle Ages. Its primary focus is on the medieval merchant: what they dealt in, how they collected debt, and the system they used.

The Middle East
   The Links below provide information on the Middle East.
Research Website: “The Birth of Islam.”The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photo Gallery: “Your Middle East Photos.” National Geographic

Research Website: “Camels.” Animal Corner

Photo Gallery: “Islamic Architecture.” Islamic-Architecture


The links below provide information on China. 
Vide “Great Wall of China.”YouTube (4:43)
Research Website: “The Invention of Paper.” Georgia Tech

Research Website: “Chinese Inventions.”

Research Website: “Buddhism: An Introduction.” PBS

Research Website: “The Silk Road.”

Photo Gallery: “Beijing Photographs: Pictures of Beijing, China.”
This site details the history of the silk road. It discusses its origins in ancient China, how it linked Europe and Asia by trade, and the reasons for its decline.
A website that introduces different aspects of Chinese civilization with pictures, including geography, buddhism, calligraphy, military technology, paintings as well as Chinese homes, gardens etc.


The links below provide information on Japan.

 Research Website: “Japan.” Japan National Tourism Organization

Research Website: “Japan’s Geography.” Columbia University

Photo Gallery: “Photo Japan: Photo Gallery.” Photo Japan

Research Website: “Samurai.” PBS

Research Website: “The Japanese Samurai’s Bushido.”

Vide “Astonishing Video Captures Japan Earthquake, Tsunami.” ABC News

Activity: “Basic Japanese Phrases.”
The Americas  

The links below provide information on the Americas.

Vide “The Temple of Chichen Itza.”

Research Website: “The Mayan Calendar.” Calendars through the Ages

Research Website: “Hernando Cortes.” BBC

Photo Gallery: “Mesoamerican Pyramids.”

Vide “Lost City of the Incas.”

Research Website: “Inca Rescue.” National Geographic Magazine (online)
A museum-mounted exhibition that (1) examines the culture and cultural artifacts of pre-Columbian America and (2) opens eyes to the role archaeology plays in constructing pictures of the past. Covers a range of ancient civilizations--principally the Incan and earlier cultures of Peru and the Mayan. With in-depth looks at ancient versus modern-day techniques of making ceramics and textiles and an especially rich discussion of Mayan hieroglyphs.
Gives a thorough account of the Aztecs from their origins to their encounter with Cortes. In addition, it also examines their culture, their religion, their legends, calendar, etc. Also provides lesson plans.

Tools of the trade...
The Renaissance
The links below provide information on the Renaissance.

Research Website: “Introduction to the Renaissance.” The City University of New York

Research Website/Gallery: “Michelangelo Buonarroti.”

Research Website/Gallery: “Fashion Through Time.” 

Research Website/Gallery: “Leonard Da Vinci’s Life.”

Research Website: “The British Monarchy: Elizabeth I.”

Literature Online: “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.”

Research Website/Videos: “Renaissance Art.”

Vide “The Last Supper.” (3:09)
Detailed introduction on exploration and trade during the Renaissance. Provides an overview of the tools created during the Middle Ages that made such travels by sea possible as well as insight into the types of goods traders sought in other countries.
An engaging multidisciplinary site that allows students to make connections across centuries to understand the origin of many ideas we use today. I like this!
An excellent resource to begin a study of the Renaissance, the rebirth of Europe and the beginning of modern history. Focuses on humanism, Gutenberg, city-states in Italy, the Medicis, social levels, art, Machiavelli, exploration, and Magellan.
This site from explains the Renaissance, not only as a time period, but as how it changed thought, writing, and art throughout Europe. See links to Renaissance in Italy, Germany and Netherlands.
Very cool ThinkQuest site that traces the Renaissance from the fall of Constantinople to defeat of the Spanish Armada. Includes information on all of Europe during the Renaissance. Uses Flash animations and lots of pictures to give a great chronology of this time period. Teachers should check out the "Marketplace" section for resources and extra information.

General History Sites- - This site provides some resources on many topics in history. It may be a good place to get some background research on areas we study in class, or to learn more about history in general.

CST Released Items- Test Prep- Review, practice, and quiz yourself for 8th grade History Sate test. This test includes questions from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade!

Discovery Education- View thousands of educational videos from your computer!
From the historychannel…countries, timelines, etc.
Documents, timelines, research, multimedia and so much more…Great site.
Young archaeologists will enjoy this site full of information and examples of historical pieces that were discovered on excavations. You'll also find descriptions of various jobs in the archeological field.