Class Songs
Intro             We're History!                                         
Chapter 1      Why study History?
                     Continents and Oceans                   
Chapter 2     Rome
                     Legacy of Ancient Rome Rap         
                     Gettin' Byzzy with it                        
                     Istanbul not Constantinople            
Chapter 3&4 Islam & Islamic Empires
                     Empires of Islam (Flocabulary)     
                     Muslim Contributions Rap               
                     Ottoman, Mughal, & Safavid Empires    Ottoman - Mughal - Safavid
Chapter 5/6   Africa
                     That's Africa                                       
                      Mansa Musa Song                          
Chapter 7      China                                                         
Chapter 8      Japan                                                         Samurai Warriors Rap 
Chapter 9      Early Middle Ages                                  
                     Vikings Song                                                                                                                Charlemagne                                   
                      The Middle Ages Song 
                      It's Dangerous                                
Chapter 10   Later Middle Ages                                     
                     It's Dangerous                                                                                                             The Crusades                                     
                     Black Death                                       
                     Joan of Arc                                        
                     I'm a Knight                                      
Chapter 11  The Renaissance 
                    Renaissance Man                               
Chapter 12   The Reformation
                     Luther Rap                                       
                     The Renaissance 
                     The Spanish Inquisition                     
Chapter 13   Scientific Revolution
                     You Need a Renaissance                    
Chapter 14   The Early Americas
Chapter 15   Aztecs & Incas
Chapter 16   Age of Exploration
                     Discovering America                       
                     Hit the Seas                                       
                     Glory & Gold                                   
Chapter 17   Enlightenment & Revolution
                     French Revolution                                      French Revolution 
                     French Revolution (Bad Romance)   
                     A More Perfect Union                      
                     American Revolution                        
                     Checks and Balances (Branches of Gov)