AVID Syllabus and Overview
  •  Achievement Via Individual Determeination               
    Welcome to AVID!
     Please click on the power points below for a more detailed overview of what AVID is, as well as a better understanding of what we will be doing this year!
    Please click on the links below for hard copies of handouts for AVID! Please see Mr. Martin (Room 8), Mr. Bojorquez (Room 4), Mrs. Westcott (Room 12), Mrs. Peterson (Room 17), and Mrs. Lopez (Room 5)  for an AVID application!

    Course Description:

    AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) is a college bound program designed to prepare and support student achievement. The class goal is to provide you with study skills and strategies to be successful in rigorous course work. Class focus will also be placed on progress monitoring and utilization of both the AVID binder and school planner.

    Course Requirements:

    1.      Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes.

    2.      Maintain the AVID Binder contents including, but not limited to, assignments and Cornell notes.

    3.      Complete ALL homework assignments.

    4.      Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above.

    Grading Policy:

    All grades will be based on a straight percentage determined by Tutorials (50%) the AVID Binder (30%) and other class work and projects (20%).

    A= 100-90%    B= 89-80%      C= 79-70%      D=69-60%       F=Below 60%

    Students not maintaining the class requirements, or receiving a “D” or below in the AVID class, are subject to probation as well as possible removal from the AVID program. All grades will be available for students and parents to check throughout the year on “Q”.

     Required Materials:

    ·         2" binder

    ·         Subject dividers

    ·         Zipper pouch to store supplies

    ·         Highlighters

    ·         2 or more pens

    ·         2 or more pencils

    ·         Notebook paper

    ·         School Planner


    • Grades are based on your completion of tutorials, assignments and your AVID Binder.
    • Your AVID Binder will be checked every week.
    • Your school planner will be checked for completion and parent signature every week. Failure to fill in every box and missing a parent signature will result in a detention.
    • Other assignments will include: WICOR assignments, Tutorials, Learning Logs, and Projects.
    • If assignments are not completed on time students will be ZAPPED.