Meet Mrs. Colangelo

Meet Mrs. Colangelo

In Segovia, Spain, at the castle of King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella

Who I am...

 I am a 7th grade history teacher at Norco Intermediate School...This is my 15th year as a Bobcat!  I grew up in Orange County but currently live locally.  My husband and I have three beautiful young children, which means that I am super tired and super blessed.  My hands are very full, but so is my heart! 

I earned my Bachelors of Arts in History, Special Education teaching credential, Single Subject teaching credential (authorizations in English-Language Arts and Social Studies), and Masters of Arts in Special Education from Chapman University. 

Walking along the train tracks that brought prisoners to Auschwitz in Oswiecim, Poland   

What I believe...

believe that studying history is more than memorizing dates and names.
I believe that studying history can be fun and tremendously fascinating.
I believe that studying history can be more riveting and contain more love, greed, hatred, drama, and conviction than anything created in Hollywood...there's a reason so many movies are based on historical events. Indeed, history is the world's greatest reality show! 

 I believe that studying history is crucial to understanding ourselves, our world, and those around us- both near and far.
I believe that what you are hearing about in the news today- the events that are shaping your future & the future of our world- has its roots in events & conflicts from long ago. 

I believe that the skills one needs to be successful in life can all be developed in the study of history: not just reading for understanding and informational & persuasive writing, but also critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, understanding the perspectives of others, and so much more. 

Exploring Liverpool, home of The Beatles, in England

Hiking the lush mountains in Moorea, French Polynesia

These are a few of my favorite things...

I love...

Place to be:  the beach!

Musicians:  Incubus, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Jack Johnson, The Beatles, 311, Third Eye Blind

Artist:  Vincent Van Gogh

Book:  A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Candy:  See's Chocolate-Covered Peppermints and Maltesers

Things to do: travel, go to the beach, read, camp, surf, spend time with my family, and nap (but really I just daydream about taking naps). 

Drink:  Starbucks Hot Chocolate with extra (extra!) whipped cream

Food:  El Torito, Round Table Pizza, The Habit, Baja, and BJ's

Baseball Team:  The Angels (definitely not that blue team)

Historical Topic to Study:  The Holocaust

TV Shows:  The Office, Schitt's Creek, Seinfeld, Parks & Rec

Country to visit:  ANY!!!

Store:  Target and Amazon (what else do we need in life?!)

Color:  Blue!

Guilty Pleasure:  Riverdale...but that started going off the rails so I need new recommendations!

At the Louvre, home of some of the most important works of art, in Paris, France